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Roma Republica - P. Porcius Laeca Denario - P • LÆCA / PROVOCO

Roman Republic - P. Porcius Laeca - Denarius AR. (4.00 g 19 mm.)
110-109 BC. Rome

Helmeted head of Roma right, ROMA above, P • LÆCA behind, X below chin /

Figure in military dress left, with right hand raised, figure in toga to left, attendant with rods to right, PROVOCO in exergue.

Crawford 301/1; RSC Porcia 4.

Extremely fine condition. Nice silver tone, details !

RulerRepublic P. Porcius Laeca
Reverse LegendP • LÆCA / PROVOCO
GradeNear extremely fine
Date110 BC
Weigth and Diameter4.00 g. 19 mm.

Reference: 2021-2746 (ARHP657)